EVO and Eclipse Turbo Parts and Performance

EVO X Intake Upgrades

AEM Panel Filter

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Price of $45 includes standard ground shipping withing the lower 48 states.



  • Designed to increase horsepower and throttle response
  • Drop-in Design
  • AEM Air Filters are cleanable and reusable for the life of your vehicle
  • Outstanding performance even in dusty racing conditions
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Does not require oil – No damage to the MAF Sensor
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty
  • Guaranteed for the life of your vehicle

The reusable AEM Dryflow air filter 28-20392 for 2007-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, EVO X MR or GSR, Lancer and Outlander models is precision-engineered to be a direct replacement for the disposable automotive air filter and fit inside the stock air filter box. AEM filters are constructed using a durable application specific urethane sealing lip to help ensure a positive, air-tight seal in the factory air filter box. The AEM dry filter for 2007-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, EVO X MR or GSR, and Outlander models even includes an air filter cage for an exact fit. Advanced Dryflow, non-woven, oil free, synthetic air filter media is at the heart of the this replacement AEM Dryflow air filter which allows for easy cleaning, durable service, and excellent filtration without the need for damaging air filter oil.


AEM Cold Air Intake For The EVO X  21-678C (2008-2015)

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Price of $304.99 includes Standard Ground shipping within the lower 48 states.

AEM’s Cold Air Intake for the EVO X uses their latest design technology to create and manufacture a high HP intake while remaining stealthy. The kit uses an AEM Dry Flow filter inside a large air box that is fed from the factory cold air 1ducting. We have tested this intake at a 16 whp gain on a stock car. The way that they have run the boost control recirculating hoses back into the intake raises boost a bit. The larger MAF housing cross section does two things. First, on an untuned car it will lean it out a bit. This is one reason that the AEM intake for the EVO X makes power. Once tuned, that benefit goes away to a point. But then the larger MAF does allow for more airflow into the motor. Once you have big cams, an upgraded turbo and more, then the larger 3″ MAF along with proper tuning will get you greater gains than the intakes that use the stock MAF housing (K&N, ETS)


Suction tube is a molded EDM rubber piece. Looks factory. OEM quality.

Filter is inside the box:


All done and buttoned up.



ETS Intercooler Piping for the EVO X (2008-2015)

Upper or Lower or Both

Price includes standard ground shipping within the lower 47 states. Not available for sale in California

We sell only ETS for intercoolers and piping. It comes down to value. There are some Chinese pipes out there that are cheaper. But the quality of the hoses is horrible and fitment is random. For the upper pipe often the support bracket to the radiator support will break off creating a boost leak. There are more expensive pipes out there too. Maybe they are cuter, maybe the company has a fast race car that they need to pay for. But the expensive pipes won’t make your car any faster.

Mostly we recommend upgrading the intercooler pipes and the intercooler all at once. If on a budget, do just the upper pipe for now and the rest later. For the lower pipe and the intercooler install, the front bumper cover pretty much needs to come off. Might as well do them together.

ETS Upper Intercooler Pipe

The upper intercooler piping starts with a smooth mandrel bent 2.5″ stock turbo outlet pipe which connects to the remainder of the hot side piping.  The stock turbo outlet pipe is separate to allow it to be swapped out with the installation of the ETS EVO X turbo kit to come so that the remainder of the upper piping can be retained.  This ensures that you never have to “upgrade an upgrade” and spend more money on a new upper pipe when it comes time for a big turbo kit.  Making the connection from the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler is a single-piece mandrel bent 2.5″ upper intercooler pipe.

The ETS Mitsubishi Evolution X Upper Pipe removes the restrictive factory hose which is 1.75″ after the turbo outlet and replaces it with a full 2.5″ upper intercooler pipe which helps with throttle response as well as reliability.  The factory hoses are prone to ballooning and blowing off under high boost over time.


  • 2.50″ Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Upper Intercooler Pipe
  • Upper Intercooler Pipe Bracket
  • 4-ply Silicone
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • Includes all mounting hardware

Upper piping kit installed

ETS Lower Intercooler Pipe

The ETS Mitsubishi EVO X Lower Piping Kit removes the factory rubber hoses which are prone to ballooning and popping off under higher boost pressure over time.

From the intercooler outlet the 2.5″ mandrel bent piping continues around the core support, with only two smooth gradual radius bends in its entire length, to the lower intercooler pipe bracket before making a straight shot up to the throttle body. ETS 4-ply silicone and 100% SS T-bolt clamps are included for every connection to ensure that blown off intercooler piping stays a thing of the past.


  • 2.50″ Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Lower Intercooler Pipe Bracket
  • 4-ply Silicone
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Does not block the oil cooler ducting like some of the competitor pipes
  • Works with GSR and MR transmission as well as the stock airbox and blow off valve.  (Direct replacement of factory unit)
 Not available for sale in California

Extreme Turbo Systems Intercooler Only


Price includes standard ground shipping within the lower 47 states. Not available for sale in California

Mostly we use the 3.5″ core. The 3″ core could work for someone that was going to be stock turbo for life. But then who does that? The 3.5″ FMIC isn’t too big for the stock turbo, yet will still handle easily anything that an upgraded turbo can flow. Even up to 800 whp. Sure a 4″ FMIC will add some flow, but with the trimming required and the extra cost, it is for that 1% of hard core drag racers. We use FMICs from ETS because of the value. There are some with cast end tanks that cost $100 more but in the end make only the same power as an equivalent ETS assembly.

Black anodizing is also an option. For stencil and black anodizing please email for pricing and time frame involved. These options can add considerable time to an order. The above prices include standard ground shipping within the lower 47 states. Inquire for other shipping options.

  • Pressure checked at 35 psi.
  • Bolt on design to retain crash beam.
  • Fills the entire grill with core.
  • Stainless steel t-bolt clamps.
  • 4-ply couplers.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.

The obvious tie-in between the UICP and LICP is the ETS EVO X Intercooler.  This unit is a tour de force in efficiency, distribution and flow.  The factory inlet and out locations allow for the inlet and outlet to be at diagonally opposing corners of the core.  This provides the best possible airflow distribution through the core’s height making sure that all charge rows are used effectively.  The Auto CAD drawn end tanks are as smooth as on the previous EVO intercooler with aluminum metal forming that looks more like artwork than end tank.  Between the tanks is any one of our sizing options with 3″, 3.5″ or 4″ intercoolers as BOLT-ON designs behind the factory crash beam and above the factory undertray. 4″ requires trimming and additional fitment.

 Not available for sale in California