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Suffering From A Loss?

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire put up this excellent PSA for those suffering from loss.

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Yes that is Tony Bird’s 1G AWD!

E-85 and Flex Fuel Tuning for the EVO X


I don’t know or care why the tree huggers are all in love with it, I don’t know why the Feds are subsidizing it, I will never fully understand the politics of corn. I have asked the soccer moms topping up their Flex Fuel Suburbans why they are using E85 and none has been able to give me any coherent answer. I do know that with a turbo car, E85 gives you the same performance as $14 a gallon race gas but for less than cheap regular gasoline. I know that is a good thing. Turbo people like Ethanol.


Flex Fuel is different from a Dual Map tune. What most EVO tuners have been doing for years is to tune your car with one map for 91 octane and one map for E85. You had to run one or the other. No mixing. To change from one fuel to the other, it was a bit inconvenient to run all the way down to fumes and show up at the station and fill all the way up and then switch the map. Range anxiety drove people to all sorts of scenarios involving potentially unsafe fuel transport and storage (you know who you are!)


“Flex Fuel” means that you can run any mix of 91 and E85 fuel. The Zeitronix ECA and sensor that we use will accurately measure the Ethanol content in your tank, and then report that to the ECU. The ECU is then programmed to blend and adjust the timing, fuel and boost maps between your 91 map and your E85 map. Ideally you would still run all one or the other for best fuel economy on 91 octane or all E85 for the best power and performance. But with this Flex Fuel hardware and tune solution you can run low on E85 and if you are not close to an E85 station, you can add as much or as little 91 octane gas as necessary. Then later, top off with E85 when it is convenient. With a Flex Fuel tune, you are paying for that convenience over the traditional Dual Map tune.



RRE Flex Fuel Upgrade Package Includes the following for $600:

Zeitronix ECA Ethanol Content Analyzer
Zeitronix Ethanol Sensor
Install hardware
Installation labor
Tephra V3 License
California Sales Tax

Tuning Pricing:

Flex Fuel tune (your car has not been tuned by RRE Prior) on an EVO X: $600

Flex Fuel tune your EVO X that has previously been tuned by us with a dual map of 91 and E85: $400 if no major parts changes.

Flex Fuel tune your EVO X that has previously been tuned by us with a single map with 91 octane only: $500 with no major parts changes.

Add it up for me! The total price for a first time customer to go from Zero to E85 Flex Fuel Hero:

ID 1000cc injectors
AEM 320 fuel pump
RRE 3 port boost control solenoid
RRE Flex Fuel Upgrade Package
Installation of all parts
California sales tax.

This works out to $2170.25 out the door.

For someone that already has been tuned by RRE on a dual map for 91 and E85 and no major parts changes, it works out to $1000 for the Flex Fuel Upgrade Package ($600) and the retune ($400).

These prices only apply to cars that we also do the install and provide the above parts. We can do this with all 2008-2015 EVO Xs both MR and GSR. Also for the 2009-2015 RalliArt.


To add a Zeitronix Flex Fuel % Display Gauge to the mix, it averages about $250 parts and labor with the final price depending on where it gets installed in the cabin, what kind of holder if any and what kind of birds nest we run into under your dash.



Above is a dirty clogged filter. Below is a dirty clogged fuel pick up sock.



We strongly recommend a fresh fuel filter when doing this. We keep seeing more and more clogged up filters. Mostly from fuel pumps eating themselves internally. Your fuel filter is built inside the plastic fuel pump housing. It is not the coarse pick up strainer sock hanging off the bottom of your fuel pump. You should also consider getting an AEM Ethanol drop in fuel pump instead of your older DW65C or a kludged Walbro if that is what you had in there before. Tiny inline fuel filters also don’t count.

AEM 50-1220 Drop In Fuel Pump:


Rick “RALLInspired” Tune Featured on @Carsonboard

Here is the final installment of Jovany and Carson upgrading the turbo on their EVO IX with a rebuilt forced performance FP Green turbo. They’re not mechanics :-P Just two guys installing go fast parts.

In this episode the car is being tuned by Rick on the RRE AWD Dynapack chassis dyno on 91 octane pump gas and E85.  Rick Barcena “RALLInspired” is the primary in house tuner here at RRE. Rick tunes most of the Mitsubishi vehicles that come out of the shop now as well as all stock ECU Subarus, GTRs, all other Nissan/Infinity, Mazda, BMW, Ford, Dodge, GM, etc. Rick is an authorized Cobb, ECUTek, Orisis Uprev, and HP Tuners Protuner.

YouTube Preview Image

Cars Onboard is a Youtube channel dedicated to car enthusiast story telling and features on their rides. Check out their channel for the full series on this car and their other projects.

Car Owner: Jovany Almanza
Instagram: @evo_track_ix

Tuner: Rick “RALLInspired”
Instagram: @thatrallyguy

RRE 4G GS Eclipse Headers – In Stock Now Shipping

RRE Stainless Steel Race Headers GS $450

GS Heaers Only (GT In Production

Note 5/4/16 – Qty 2 Left in Stock   Next production run ready late July 2016

These beautiful fully stainless steel headers come complete with everything you need for a bolt on install. The 4-2-1 design makes power all through the entire RPM band. With just an intake, exhaust and headers you can see over 170hp to the wheels. Price includes SS headers and all necessary fittings and adapters.

Made in the USA!

Install Tips and Instructions Eclipse GS

Typical HP gains on an Eclipse GS:


Coco Zurita 2015 Quick Recap

THIS is why we hang out with Coco Zurita! A quick recap of all the fun we had with Coco in 2015.

YouTube Preview Image

AEM E-85 Rated Fuel Pump for the EVO X 50-1220


 $110 inc Priority Mail 2/3 Day Shipping

The new AEM 320 lph drop in fuel pump for the EVO X (AEM part number 50-1220) is currently our go-to fuel pump for the best fit and best reliability. We never had much long term luck with the other drop in pumps for the EVO X. Premature wear and clogged up filters were becoming too common.

We have also seen many stock fuel pumps die, some on the dyno right in front of us. While the stock pump when everything is working perfect will keep up with up to 350 whp on pump gas, once the pump and fuel gets hot some random fuel pressure drop offs become common. This has caused some busted spark plugs and the resultant mess from running lean.


When we sell or install the AEM 50-1220 drop in pump for the EVO X, we include a new fuel pressure hose that is compatible with E-85. Even if you have no plans of running E85 now, sooner or later you will :-)


There will be random reviews around the web on other versions of AEM fuel pumps. They are older reviews and “How-To’s” before this EVO X specific pump was available. Some people try to use the Walbro 255 size pumps and they require special expensive adapters that eliminate the fuel filter housing. Look! No filter housing :-P

pump no filter

In addition to running no pick up sock, the car that this pump came out of had no fuel filter under the hood either. He was on his second motor after breaking sparkplugs on his first motor with this setup.

Many people confuse the fuel pre filter on the bottom of the pump for the actual fuel filter. That pick up pre filter is just there to keep swarf out of the fuel pump. You need a proper filter after the fuel pump (miniature inline screen filters don’t count)


This means that we prefer to keep the factory filter housing in place and functional. We have also seen some seriously sketchy fuel pump installs. Some by under water basket weavers, many with kinked hoses. Often with the wrong hose not rated for high pressure. Somehow something that seems easy to install ends up making a mess.

x fuel pump underwater backet weaving

The AEM 50-1220 fuel pump also fits several other vehicles besides the 2008-15 EVO X and RalliArt. Here is AEM’s propaganda for all vehicles:

AEM’s 320lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pumps feature robust internal construction that is designed to withstand the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol fuels, and are tested to work with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline. This physical size of this fuel pump makes it a great replacement for the 2000-’09 Honda S2000, 2000-’05 Honda Civic, 1992-’01 Acura Integra, 2002-’06 Acura RSX, 2002-’15 Mitsubishi Evo, 2002-’07 Subaru WRX, 2013-’15 Subaru BRZ, 2013-’15 Scion FRS and many other popular enthusiast applications (NOTE:The plug wiring may need to be updated for some applications). Its compact, short body design (65mm length) with mounting hooks also makes it ideal in universal applications that have fuel tanks with tight tolerances.

Fuel Pump Drawing 50-1215

The AEM 320lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump is designed for in-tank mounting on high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles. It features a compact 39mm diameter that fits most applications and an offset inlet design that eases installation.

all parts

The 320lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank fuel pump includes a wiring harness, pre filter and O-rings. Every AEM 320lph E85-Compatible Fuel Pump is tested to flow 320 lph at 43 PSI before it is packaged for sale.

  • Tested and compatible with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline
  • Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
  • In tank design
  • Each pump is tested to flow 320 lph @ 43 PSI
  • Compact body (39mm diameter x 65mm length)
  • Includes pre filter, hose, clamps, flying lead, end cap and rubber buffer sleeve

#CZGTR77 SEMA Crunch and Debut

Three short weeks ago, Coco Zurita’s GTR made an appearance at RRE to get ready for SEMA.  Since then, the car has been totally redone!  Since it made the debut Tuesday at the SEMA Show, we’re excited to finally release all the details.

saw rear

First, we started working on installing the Rocket Bunny widebody kit in the middle of October.  Don’t mind us, we’re just taking a sawzall to a $100,000 car here.

cut front fender

Yeah, that is wide.

fit rear fende

We continued to massage the body kit install for the next couple of days, before we were able to take a look at the fitment on the new rear wing and diffuser.  Looking good so far, but the timeline was SHORT!  At this point, we only had about two weeks until it was time to hit the road and get to the show.


The next day, we got to install the brand new Project Mu brake pads and rotors – if you’re at the SEMA show this week, be sure to look at all the details on this build.  Great sponsors really made this little details awesome.

caalipers-mu pads


 The GReddy titanium exhaust went on.  It looks great, performs well, basically weighs nothing, and really sounds killer.


We were waiting on more parts to show up, but in the meantime, Coco’s sponsor Red Bull came through to keep us caffeinated.  Long nights of SEMA prep start to take a serious toll.


Considering the timeline on this project, things were moving along great, but about this point in the build, we had to pick up the pace.  With just a few days to go until it was time to leave for SEMA we found out that a vinyl wrap just wasn’t going to happen.  Plan B: time to paint. If any of you have painted a car (even a nice, reasonably new one), you know how much prep work is required.  It was all hands on deck at this point.


 We test fit the brand new intake manifold, and thanks to another great GReddy product, had no issues.


We also got the new KW Coil Overs installed, and the car was seriously sitting pretty. Whiteline urethane bushings, Whiteline sway bars finished out the suspension build.

kw-coil overs

Next, we got the Volk TE37s delivered in, and mounted a fresh set of Nitto NT01s.

volk etching-02

The interior went back in… NEw Sparco seats with custom insets, Sparco race 5 point belts and a 4 point roll bar powder coated to match to the intake manifold and calipers.

interior togfether

Detailing got done, stickers went on, and it the CZGTR77 started to look like a real car again.

Not much room to spare when all was said and done – just how we like it!


Loaded and ready to go. The car went back together with barely enough time to get to Vegas for show setup.  We made it out the door Monday morning, and got to the show with seconds to spare.


It was a rough three weeks of show prep, but there’s no doubt it was worth.  If you’re at the SEMA Show this week, be sure to swing by the Zeitronix booth in Central Hall (24223) to check out the final product—she’s beautiful and thanks to the help of Zeitronix, she runs great.  We’re proud to have gotten the opportunity to have to many sleepless nights of work on this build.

Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to check out the annual Mitsubishi Owners’ Day at the Mitsubishi Motors headquarters.

IMG_0059 (2)

RRE Team Driver Canaan O’Connell and models Erika Ocampo and Olivia Korte talked to fans and signed all day, and we got to hear the Jem FX/Jet Black Racing car, and it’s crazy anti-lag.


The show stayed packed all day, and the dyno stayed busy.



Check the gallery for more photos!

dyno winner


JemFX-RRE EVO 7 Feature Video by Electric Federal

This video was shot earlier this year for the /DRIVE+ Channel on Youtube as a subscription only feature. It hasbeen released now to the public at large on the Electric Fedral Youtube Channel and here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

From Electric Federal:

Published on Jul 13, 2015

After ten iterations, the Evo is about to kick the bucket with no real successor in sight. We decided to pay homage to a modern tuner icon.

In our latest EF release, which first aired back in March on /Drive+, we profile two significant players in the Mitsu Evo realm: Mike Welch, the West Coast’s premier Mitsu tuner, and Canaan O’Connell, an up-and-coming star in the racing world. RRE and JemFX Motorsports make for a fun, mildly chaotic combination.
We had so much fun that we decided to profile their race at Pikes Peak in 4K.

No, we don’t just mean GoPro 4K. We mean all sorts of footage in 4K. We’ll update you on that soon.

Special Thanks to:

+ Mike Welch and Road Race Engineering:
+ Elia Popov and JemFX Motorsports:
+ Canaan’s parents for making Canaan (and therefore a cool subject)
+ Mitsubishi Motors for building (and then sadly killing) the Evo:

Credits to:
– Matt Genesis as Director/Editor
– Rony Karkar (a.k.a. “Ronky”) as Colorist
– Ian Norum on Camera
– Chris Belizzi as Grip
– Andrew Montiveo as Producer




Pike’s Peak Testing

We were able to get to Pikes Peak for some serious testing last week, and now we’re more ready than ever.  Canaan had a good few runs on the mountain, and we’re confident in his abilities as a driver.  He’s building a great driving record, and we’re happy to have him on the team.


Two very early mornings of testing is all that we get, so we made the most out of last Saturday and Sunday.  We tweaked and made and adjustments as we went, and got the car as dialed in as it can be for the unique racing environment that is the high altitude mountain course.


Roy Narvaez wasn’t on the course this weekend, though he’s been making his final adjustments for Pike’s Peak as well.

With just 10 days to go, we’re looking forward to competing at Pike’s Peak.  Keep on eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for up to the minute updates starting June 26.