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Pikes Peak 2016 Meade Sports/RRE EVO 8 – Practice and Day 1


Tuesday the MeadeSports Road/Race Engineering team took use of the optional practice day to run on the bottom section to start data gathering and sighting the twisty tarmac that is this section of the spectacular Pikes Peak road. This day isn’t a mandatory day; mandatory practice starts Wednesday the 22nd.



After overnight heavy rains and storms, it was a pleasure to see the sky clear, even if it was 3 am and we were all awake getting coffee’d up, trying to look alive. By 3:30am the team was headed out the door and making way up Pikes Peak highway for practice. About 85% of the teams took advantage of the optional practice. After selecting a pit spot we waited for the 5:10 am siren to signal a start to call for cars to be lined up for practice.
Tires checked and pressures set, oil checked by the team, Jeff suited up and made his way to the start line for a simple 70% sighting run of the course to start familiarization with the twisty roads of the mountain that keeps calling him back.
The first run was simple, accurate, of sorts, and of course fun, 5:00 minutes later the run is done and Jeff’s wife Catherine is waiting at the end of the course to check tire pressures and temps. A quick turnaround and he’s back in line at the top waiting to follow everyone down the hill to start again.
The second run was only slightly quicker by several seconds with a 4:53 as the grip of the tires pushed a bit more, but nothing sacrificed, we still have a week to go before the big day.
With data gathered, for Mike from RRE and the one they call ‘Merlin’ (aka David Hinde of EVO tuning fame) we chose not to take a 3rd run, choosing to pack it up and head home for the day to do more tinkering on the car. Well, Mike and Matt from RRE did, Jeff played in the Jacuzzi with Bryce. and watched from there.
Then for the first day of official practice we were on the top section, which arguably, is the fastest and most dangerous part of the mountain. Outside of a slight snow fall, in summer, which made the road a bit slippery, the road has been through some changes in the past where there were more bumps, and even repairs in its short history of being paved.
Times were good, and pretty much expected, with the Meadesports / RoadRace Engineering EVO 8 slotting in between two new Viper ACRs and the new NSX from Japan making its world debut in competition. “Wasn’t anything outside of what we expected in the end” said Denmeade. “We are within 30 seconds of the new NSX, and our nearest competitor is 30 seconds behind. But we all still have to get to the top, our battle will be with the other new Viper” he followed up with.
“With the boys from Road/Race Engineering, Americas Mitsubishi Evo gurus on our team I feel we are in the best position to put in our best time on the mountain, all going well weather wise” Denmeade said.
Today’s practice at the top was shortened due to oil being spilled by a competitor who then went off and into the guard rail, limiting the runs from an expected 6, down to just 3 on the fast flowing top section. “We were only doing boost checks today” Denmeade said, “it’s a long way up there with the course climbing from 12,000 to 14,000 feet, all cars suffer in their own way, some in tyres, some in water temperature. But we got what we needed.”

RRE 4G GS Eclipse Headers

RRE Stainless Steel Race Headers GS $450

GS Heaers Only (GT In Production


These beautiful fully stainless steel headers come complete with everything you need for a bolt on install. The 4-2-1 design makes power all through the entire RPM band. With just an intake, exhaust and headers you can see over 170hp to the wheels. Price includes SS headers and all necessary fittings and adapters.

Made in the USA!

Install Tips and Instructions Eclipse GS

Typical HP gains on an Eclipse GS:


Dr Alex EVO 6 at Willow Springs – Porsche Owners Club Cup Race


YouTube Preview Image

Dr Alex and his Varis Widebody EVO 6 ran with the Porsche Owner’s Club at Willow Springs on the big track. Running in the GT-1 class in the Cup Race Alex qualified 11th in the Cup Race and finished 11th overall.

Alex also ran one session in the Time Attack and his 1:28 stood for the fastest time for the weekend.

The EVO 6 is powered by a RRE 2.3 with a Garrett GT3582R turbo. It runs on E85 and is tuned using an AEM Infinity ECU.

Dyno Sound Recording

Major video game studios love the Dynapack dynos. The Dynapack hub style dyno is silent, they don’t get the tires on the rollers noises like from other chassis dynos, just all car noise. It also helps us while tuning since we are better able to her the engine sounds.

base mic

All mic’d up and nowhere to go. Here is a pic of Harry Kong’s Ark Performance wide body Genesis Coupe on the RRE Dynapack chassis dyno doing some sound recording today for a new video game. The level of detail for real sound these guys is nuts.


And yes those 325 wide Nittos are from the rear of this little Hyundai :-p


The 2nd car on the dyno for video game sound recording today. Coco Zurita’s #czgtr77 R35 Odd but for some reason this 3.8 V6 sounds a bit different from the previous 3.8 V6 that was on earlier :-) The GReddy exhaust sounds nuts on an angry GTR. At high rpm the sound between the turbos and intake and exhaust all combine to make this tearing violence noise that is pure music to the ears. I can’t say what game this is for but when you get the credits to upgrade to a modded GTR, you’ll get to find out what it sounds like to drive Coco’s car :-) 16 tracks of all car music. I counted some 16 different microphones including a Dolby 5.1 surround sound setup in the car for this session. Microphones on the intake, engine, interior, surface mount on the intercooler pipe, 8 on the exhaust alone. Fun stuff!

Suffering From A Loss?

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire put up this excellent PSA for those suffering from loss.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes that is Tony Bird’s 1G AWD!

E-85 and Flex Fuel Tuning for the EVO X


I don’t know or care why the tree huggers are all in love with it, I don’t know why the Feds are subsidizing it, I will never fully understand the politics of corn. I have asked the soccer moms topping up their Flex Fuel Suburbans why they are using E85 and none has been able to give me any coherent answer. I do know that with a turbo car, E85 gives you the same performance as $14 a gallon race gas but for less than cheap regular gasoline. I know that is a good thing. Turbo people like Ethanol.

Flex Fuel is different from a Dual Map tune. What most EVO tuners have been doing for years is to tune your car with one map for 91 octane and one map for E85. You had to run one or the other. No mixing. To change from one fuel to the other, it was a bit inconvenient to run all the way down to fumes and show up at the station and fill all the way up and then switch the map. Range anxiety drove people to all sorts of scenarios involving potentially unsafe fuel transport and storage (you know who you are!)


“Flex Fuel” means that you can run any mix of 91 and E85 fuel. The Zeitronix ECA and sensor that we use will accurately measure the Ethanol content in your tank, and then report that to the ECU. The ECU is then programmed to blend and adjust the timing, fuel and boost maps between your 91 map and your E85 map. Ideally you would still run all one or the other for best fuel economy on 91 octane or all E85 for the best power and performance. But with this Flex Fuel hardware and tune solution you can run low on E85 and if you are not close to an E85 station, you can add as much or as little 91 octane gas as necessary. Then later, top off with E85 when it is convenient. With a Flex Fuel tune, you are paying for that convenience over the traditional Dual Map tune.



RRE Flex Fuel Upgrade Package Includes the following for $600:

Zeitronix ECA Ethanol Content Analyzer
Zeitronix Ethanol Sensor
Install hardware
Installation labor
Tephra V3 License
California Sales Tax

Tuning Pricing:

Flex Fuel tune (your car has not been tuned by RRE Prior) on an EVO X: $600

Flex Fuel tune your EVO X that has previously been tuned by us with a dual map of 91 and E85: $400 if no major parts changes.

Flex Fuel tune your EVO X that has previously been tuned by us with a single map with 91 octane only: $500 with no major parts changes.

Add it up for me! The total price for a first time customer to go from Zero to E85 Flex Fuel Hero:

ID 1000cc injectors
AEM 320 fuel pump
RRE 3 port boost control solenoid
RRE Flex Fuel Upgrade Package
Installation of all parts
California sales tax.

This works out to $2170.25 out the door.

For someone that already has been tuned by RRE on a dual map for 91 and E85 and no major parts changes, it works out to $1000 for the Flex Fuel Upgrade Package ($600) and the retune ($400).

These prices only apply to cars that we also do the install and provide the above parts. We can do this with all 2008-2015 EVO Xs both MR and GSR. Also for the 2009-2015 RalliArt.


To add a Zeitronix Flex Fuel % Display Gauge to the mix, it averages about $250 parts and labor with the final price depending on where it gets installed in the cabin, what kind of holder if any and what kind of birds nest we run into under your dash.



Above is a dirty clogged filter. Below is a dirty clogged fuel pick up sock.


We strongly recommend a fresh fuel filter when doing this. We keep seeing more and more clogged up filters. Mostly from fuel pumps eating themselves internally. Your fuel filter is built inside the plastic fuel pump housing. It is not the coarse pick up strainer sock hanging off the bottom of your fuel pump. You should also consider getting an AEM Ethanol drop in fuel pump instead of your older DW65C or a kludged Walbro if that is what you had in there before. Tiny inline fuel filters also don’t count.

AEM 50-1220 Drop In Fuel Pump:


Rick “RALLInspired” Tune Featured on @Carsonboard


Here is the final installment of Jovany and Carson upgrading the turbo on their EVO IX with a rebuilt forced performance FP Green turbo. They’re not mechanics :-P Just two guys installing go fast parts.

In this episode the car is being tuned by Rick on the RRE AWD Dynapack chassis dyno on 91 octane pump gas and E85.  Rick Barcena “RALLInspired” is the primary in house tuner here at RRE. Rick tunes most of the Mitsubishi vehicles that come out of the shop now as well as all stock ECU Subarus, GTRs, all other Nissan/Infinity, Mazda, BMW, Ford, Dodge, GM, etc. Rick is an authorized Cobb, ECUTek, Orisis Uprev, and HP Tuners Protuner.

YouTube Preview Image

Cars Onboard is a Youtube channel dedicated to car enthusiast story telling and features on their rides. Check out their channel for the full series on this car and their other projects.

Car Owner: Jovany Almanza
Instagram: @evo_track_ix

Tuner: Rick “RALLInspired”
Instagram: @thatrallyguy

Dr Alex EVO 6 at Willow Springs PCA Time Trial


Back to the track this weekend with Dr Alex and the EVO 6 Running with the PCA killing off some old tires, dialing in the new Ohlins TTX 3 way adjustable suspension and looking towards the POC Tribute to Le Mans Cup Race in May.


In the morning we went over the game plan for running the EVO 6 at the PCA Event. I explained to Dr Alex that since we were guests at this Porsche Club event, wouldn’t it be polite to stay off the boost button and not run away with things too much. “I’m a Porsche owner!” he says as he lays down the fastest time of all the TT run groups. So much for detante.

After setting fast time we spent the rest of the day smashing bugs on the front of the car. It rained on and off all day but at about 3 pm it came down pretty good. When it cleared up the rainbow came out i just the right place.

Pirelli World Challenge Round 1 and 2 at COTA with Carl Rydquist


The Pirelli World Challenge race weekend was 4 days in Texas at the Circuit of the Americas, but it seems like it went this fast :-P

YouTube Preview Image

RRE went along to help service for Carl Rydquist and the CA Sport Nissan Team at Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas with the #34 CA Sport Champion Spark Plugs Team Nissan 370Z Nismo ready to rock and hoping for a podium finish. Austin offered perfect weather conditions and large crowds of fans came out to enjoy the Pirelli World Challenge season opener.


After the dust had settled, Carl Rydquist came home with a 3rd place podium from a truly nail-biting race 1 and a pole position for race 2.

pit talk


“I almost can’t believe it” says Carl. “I wanted and waited so long to get a shot to race in the Pirelli World Challenge and thanks to the amazing CA Sport Team Nissan and my crew guys from Road Race Engineering I found myself in a fierce three car battle for the Touring Car win. I ended up 2 seconds behind CA Sport regular driver Vesko Kozarov who ended up winning after 40 minutes of hard racing in the other team car [#3], and given this is my first race with the team and at the spectacular Circuit of the Americas that 3rd place pretty much feels like a win!”

Carl Rydquist set the fastest laptime of all drivers in race 1 which qualified him for the pole position for race 2. He set off in the lead from a standing start in front of Vesko Kozarov and second place finisher from race 1, Toby Grahovec, however after 11 laps of nail-biting action among the front-running cars he was forced to retire the car with a power steering fluid leak. Vesko Kozarov went onto claim 3rd behind Toby Grahovec and Nick Wittmer, adding to the tally of trophies for CA Sport Team Nissan.

lap times
“The second race began really well” adds Carl. “Toby and Nick’s cars eventually showed a lot more pace than in race 1 though but another podium seemed to be within reach pretty far in to the race and it is a bummer to miss out on championship points so early in the season, but in total there were too many positives to be anything but grateful. I am really happy for the CA Sport Team Nissan to get such a great start of the season and I am excited for the future!”

CBS Sports will air the races on TV on Thu March 17 at 8PM ET, with re-air March 17 9PM ET and March 19 12.30 ET.
The livestream from the races is available for encore viewing at MotorTrend OnDemand.

Next up on the Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car competition schedule is Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, ON co-headlining with the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series as part of the Victoria Day Speedfest, on May 19-22, 2016.

Carl Rydquist’s next event on the competition schedule is a 3-hour twilight endurance race with the Prototype Development Groups’ Factory Five Racing GTM at Willow Springs International Raceway, CA, on Friday night March 11th, 2016.
Car: CA Sport Nissan 370Z
Race: Pirelli World Challenge at Circuit of the Americas 2016 Round 1 and 2
Driver: Carl Rydquist
Team & Sponsors: CA Sport / Road Race Engineering / Champion Spark Plugs, Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz / APR Performance, OS Giken / Stance / ADVAN GT / MOTUL

Coco Zurita 2015 Quick Recap

THIS is why we hang out with Coco Zurita! A quick recap of all the fun we had with Coco in 2015.

YouTube Preview Image