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MOD 2011 Video

Better late than never!!


Mitsubishi Owners Day – July 2011

Here are some pics of the RRE compound at MOD 2011. As usual we brought out our race cars, some show cars, the RRE Dynapack AWD Dyno and special for 2011… the Michelles!


Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2010

by, James Singer – RRE Conscript

MOD 2010 was my first Mitsubishi Owner’s Day working for RRE. I was a bit overwhelmed working MOD.  I had been there for the 2009 show and kind of stumbled around but this year I woke up at 6am on a Saturday to drive from LA down behind the Orange Curtain to MMNA HQ in Cypress, CA.  When I got to the Mitsubishi HQ Cypress campus, I was blown away that the lot was already full.  My car was relegated to EVO parking in a far corner away from the main booths.

The RRE shop race cars set up and on display.

I rushed over to the RRE booth to find the RRE crew already there setting up even though I was a half hour early. I was put in charge of the 2 extremely hot import models Natalia Marie and Nikita Esco.  I was also given a few bags of RRE lanyards, placards, stickers, license plate frames and flyers to give away to people.

However, Natalia and Nikita and I were not the main attraction at the RRE booth much to my surprise.  The main attraction was the DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (scream that all caps part in your head while reading it again). DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (good).  The popularity of the DYNO SHOOTOUT!! kind of blew my mind.

Think about this for a second, there are 2 really attractive girls dressed in clothes that might be NSFW status and ME handing out free stuff but people were more in to seeing EVOs and DSMs belt out some runs on the dyno.  If we were at Import Hot Showoff, there would be at least 100 creepy creepers lurking all over me and these ladies but instead, I was left lurking all alone.


I don’t know if you guys know this but the dyno is ON at RRE almost every day and night but people were jumping over the models, the free stuff and each other in the hot hot July heat to get a chance to check out cars on the dyno, which is also further from the shade. At some point, I let Natalia and Nikita take over giving out free stuff for a minute to check out the dyno runs and I saw why people were jostling around and screaming over the sounds of open exhausts blowing ear drums.

[Winner at MOD. Brian Ford’s EVO VIII. AEM EMS tuned by Scot Gray @ RRE. I need to get a full mod list for this car. E-85 insanity].

This is a chart from a 700 and change dyno run.  I got my EVO tuned on the Dynapack at RRE.  I thought it was pretty bad ass.  I was ready to lay down some numbers!  I think I peaked out at 321 or so.  I remember making sure to wear the RRE ear goggles that night as they tuned my car.  Even then I felt like it was a bit rowdy through the ear goggles and through my RRE stealth exhaust.  Now imagine +2x that amount of HP through a seemingly open exhaust with a bunch of people standing a couple feet away in hot July So. Cal weather and you can understand the spectacle of a DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (good job yelling it in your head still BTW).

[Notice how less people are standing behind the car.]

Some other honorable mentions from the day were:


Mr. Boster’s white GVR4. 18 years old and kicking 640 whp in a car that looks like a taxi cab!!

Kieth Boster's "The Boz" GVR4 on the RRE AWD Dynapack

Check out his boost chart!!

That was the big attraction.  Hot models, Meh.  Free In-N-Out, whateverrrrr.  Rowdy Roddy Dynopack, Hells Yes!!  DYNO SHOOTOUT!!

Got video? LA DSM knows how to represent!

Video highlights: Christ bothering models, SAM being grumpy and ART too busy eating a burger to cover his other ear.

Check us out next year at MOD 2011!!

AMS Drag EVO on the RRE Dynapack @ MOD 2009

At the MOD/RRE Dyno Shootout this year AMS put their drag EVO 8 on the RRE AWD Dynapack chassis dyno for a couple exhibition runs.

They had previously run 1130 whp on a Mustang dyno limited by wheel spin. Martin Musial from AMS did a couple warm up runs at low (37 psi) boost and only hit 900 whp :-/ Then with it all ready to go and a rev limit set at a low 9,500 rpm he did a full pull. Here is a video from it:

The external wastegate blows straight down. In the video you can see everyone running and jumping from the molten asphalt blast debris. The car blew a crater in the parking lot running 1180 whp at 770 ft lbs of torque!


The dyno chart at low boost and high boost:


And for a little perspective… here is the 1180 hp run laid up against a nice running Cosworth 2.2 with a GT35R turbo:

Suddenly 600 whp looks… well kind of sad. For really sad here is 1180 vs a stock EVO:

Congratulations Martin, nice work!

EVO is SCC Magazine Car of the Year!

MMSA had a  ceremony to mark the receipt of the Sport Compact Car magazine Car of the Year at the Cypress headquarters this last week. RRE was invited to bring our shop EVO race car along with a bunch of guys from www.socalevo.net. Basically anyone that could get the day off from work came out.

SCC Mag Editor Scott Oldham presented the award.

The RRE EVO 8 posing all hard with the award:

All the owners got to line up for publicity shots:

The Mitsu top brass were impressed with how many owners turned out at late notice on a work day. THey promised to do a better owners appreciation day later in the summer.

They even made us EVO and 3 diamond shaped cookies :-)