EVO and Eclipse Turbo Parts and Performance

About RRE

Who We Are!

Road/Race Engineering Inc. was founded in 1994 based on Road Racing and Pro Rally vehicles using the 4G63 turbo motor and now the newer 4B11T. We also support customer cars in drag racing, time attack and drifting. We continue to support the newer Eclipses especially the 4th Generation GT and GS.

New “EVO” shops and stores pop up monthly to practice their skills on you. Here at RRE, this has been our core business for over 20 years.  We have been developing competition parts and vehicles while the other newbie EVO shop owners were still in high school. We had our first modded EVO in the shop in 1998 and have been piling on the experience daily since.

MMSA comes to us for project car development and you can too.  We also assist and advise AEM and ACT and others with parts development and testing.  We have multiple championships in Pro Rally and road racing in the United States and Mexico. Our multiple class wins at Pikes Peak also are a testament to our racing experience.  Check us out to see what we have to offer. You wont be disappointed!

What We Do!

We go racing! We prepare, race and support rally cars, road racing cars, time attack cars, drag cars and drift cars.

We fix EVOs and Eclipses! We run about 10 cars a week through the shop doing everything from basic service to timing belts and clutches. We can also help keep your stock street car serviced and running at its peak.

We know EVOs and Eclipses! While we are the source for EVO and Eclipse knowledge in California, we never stop learning more about your car. Our mission is to give you a balanced vehicle that stops and turns as hard as it accelerates!

We do it right! We have a modern 6,400 sq/ft facility with 3 lifts, machine and fabrication equipment, secure parking and experienced DSM and EVO mechanics.

Stop By!

You are invited to stop by the shop to check out what we have to offer. We are available M-F 10:30 am till 7:30 pm located in Santa Fe Springs near the 5, 605 and 105 freeway interchange.