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RRE @ Mitsubishi Owner’s Day – 2016

Every year in July Mitsubishi Motors North America throws a huge party at their Cypress CA headquarters to celebrate and thank Mitsubishi owners from all over the West Coast. RRE has been there every year since the beginning. The event attracts about 3,000 people that start showing up to get a good spot as early as 2am. There is music, free food, raffles and every year of every Mitsubishi to look at.


Jem Fx Evo



rre cars



RRE Dyno Contest

We have time to dyno 5 or 6 cars from the time MOD gets rolling at 9am and when they start the raffle at noon. This year there were a couple big guns going for record numbers so everyone was a little shy to get on the dyno. So John Mueller put his blue EVO 8 road racing car on to get things rolling. Chris, Matt and FNG Bin were busy busting the cars on and off the dyno in the sun.

dyno on


For the big numbers it was between Atif tuned by English Racing and Albert tuned by Reese Tuning.  All CT9A chassis. No EVO Xs stepped up this year. We always save a spot for a good running EVO X, DSM or 3KGT.

Results worked out like this:

1st Place Atif Tuned by English Racing – 1156 whp and 660 ft lbs of torque. The turbo was a FR SLR 72/85 on a 2.0

2nd Place Albert Tuned by Reese Tuning – 912 whp and 693 ft lbs of torque. Turbo is a FP/Tial 67mm “Super 94” on a 2.3 bottom end.

3rd Place Muellerized Tuned by Sam @ RRE – 470 whp and 425 ft lbs torque. Turbo is a ball bearing BBK on a 2.3 bottom end.

1st place got a set of Motegi wheels, 2nd place got a set of Nitto tires, 3rd place got a Zeitronix wide band kit.

RRE Girls!

Erica Nagashima and Erica Ocampo are always a crowd favorite at the RRE compound. Lots of opportunities for fans to take pics with them, get autographs signed and some free RRE swag passed out.





Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2014

Road Race was excited to get involved with Mitsubishi Owner’s Day once again.

We hosted the dyno contest for the day, and were running cars on and off the dyno the whole time.


RRE Family driver Coco Zurita was in the booth, signing autographs and talking to fans all day, alongside RRE model Erica Ocampo.  There was a little something for everybody, and we stayed busy all day.



Thanks again to our sponsors Turbo by Garrett and Turbosmart for helping us out with awesome raffle prizes!


1st Annual RRE Toy Drive To Benefit City of Hope 2012

Words by James Singer

Pictures by tons of different random people (but all the best ones are taken by David Karey because he actually knows what all the knobs and buttons on a DSLR do).

Rossy had an idea to get a bunch of people together for a toy drive to benefit the kids at City of Hope in time for Christmas.  The result went WAY beyond expectations.  The event was a huge success.  There were a bunch of DSMs, EVOs, some drift cars and even one STi that showed up.  Also, Joon Maeng was on hand signing autographs while his car was filled to the brim with toys that he and Rossy


Extremespeed AWD Competition – Dyno Day/BBQ

A few of the track regulars from So Cal EVO go together this year to organize their own time attack competition. Rules and classes by and for the people! With points for various mods and some HP caps, they divided it up into a “Street” class and “Modified” class. Street cars are limited to roughly 400 whp and 5 points. Modified cars are capped at 500 whp and 10 points.

RRE volunteered the Dynapack AWD chassis dyno to be the official dyno for the series. We hosted a dyno day/BBQ to kick off the race season before next weekend’s opening event at Willow Springs Raceway.

Here are some pics from the event. Along with some dyno charts from a couple of the cars that will be running. One of the guys just picked up a new camera and looking at Nikon D7000 Accessories, using the remote and microphone for filming the dyno pulls here in the future is going to make for some sweet video! No more editing out video of me running from the camera to the driver’s seat :-P


One of the guys just picked up a new HD Nikon and looking at Nikon D7000 Accessories, using the remote and microphone for filming the dyno pulls here in the future is going to make for some sweet video! No more editing out video of me running from the camera to the driver’s seat :-P


Mitsubishi Commercial Shoot @ RRE

MMSA asked us to sponsor a So Cal EVO and Eclipse club meet here at the shop. On a Saturday we blocked off the cul-de-sac and had pretty large gathering.  They shot real film, got some cool group shots and working on some cars. The above commercial is what came of it. You can also see what they shot @ Irwindale’s 1/8 mile drag strip at night.