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Summer Project

Our summer project. Dr. Alex’s EVO 6

+ Varis Wide body Kit

+ AEM’s new Infinity ECU

= Win

It started with a quest for bigger brakes. Bigger brakes need bigger wheels. Bigger wheels need a wider body. Then of course with all the brakes, tire and aero he’ll need more power! This stuff is all a slippery slope to going broke :-) What a country we live in! We’ll keep updated with pics throughout the project.

Coco Zurita – Sweet Pics

Coco Zurita is one of the top ranked big air freestyle BMX racers in the world, aspiring time attack driver in his EVO 8… but also seems to be quite the photographer! We did a few upgrades and repairs to his EVO while Coco was at the X-Games in Brazil. He picked up the car when he got back from Brazil and got these pics towing home to Tehachapi.

Side of the highway:

Also pics from Coco’s Most Awesome Amazon Adventure:

Check the gallery for more pics: (more…)

When In Rome…

One of our 4G Eclipse customers in Rome asked for some Road/Race stickers with his order for springs and exhaust. He was nice enough to send us a pic!

EVO Of The Day: Daily Driven Track Car EVO VIII [Update]

By James Singer

I have been buried for a few months but just before things went nuts with work and life, I got a chance to update my stealthy street/track EVO VIII.  My goal with this car is to have a car that does not get too much attention from unwanted parties and is streetable with a tad of blingage but can still be more than fun to drive to the track, drive on the track and drive home from the track.

OEM IX front bumper with SE lip and Ganador Super Mirrors.

RRE Battle Bot

We were cleaning out the used parts attic. Tossing out excess stock parts, some half dead used parts that seemed worth keeping at one time or another… Art is one of the fabricators here @ RRE and saw something in the pile of parts. A 4G muffler took shape as a torso. A clutch disc made a menacing Mohawk. Flywheels became shoulders while EVO X connecting rods and pistons provided arms. Everyone started chipping in with ideas.

A 1G differential repurposed as hips with 1G FWD axles providing legs and knees. EVO X resonators for shins and a piece of U bend for feet and stability were added. But Battle Bot was a bit wobbly with CV Joints and knees and hip sockets. So Art made some tendons out of a flywheel ring gear and some gears and muffler hangars for knee caps.

A good Battle Bot needs a weapon and a defensive shield of course. A dead MIVEC cam with a hydraulic lifter ball of sorts became his mace. A DSM valve cover provides a shield while the breast plate power core is a MIVEC cam pulley.

Art intentionally gave Battle Bot no face so that you would need to make your own mental image of his personality. Battle Bot currently protects the service office from all evil doers.

License Plate Of the Week :-(

There is a RRE plate frame there… well… the smouldering remains of one. What a big oil leak next to your external wastegate dump can do on a bad day. Corey drives an EVO now.

Ask for a license plate frame with any order. It’s free! You just need to ask for it. Got a pic of your personalized license plate with an RRE plate frame on it?   Send it to us and we’ll put it here.


While we are on the subject of unlucky… here is lucky:

Car came in the shop for some other work. Heard a rattle and took off the timing cover. One more bolt to go and it would have been a dead motor. Check those bolts once in a while if you are going to be playing with them :-)

DSM of the Week!!

Thank You Jason from PHX!! Expect a full feature soon!!

EVO of The Day

A clean ass (on a) 2G!!

Thank you for representing RRE Daniel!!

EVO of the DAY


<3 Ralliart Sportbacks!!

Thanks to Steven Steck for going BIG and Repping for RRE on the HOOD!!!!!

New Cold Air Intake!

How is this for a cold air intake?


Stinger Plug Wires!

“Hey mister.. why is my car missfiring?”

Must be those Stinger Brand plug wires you got there :-P