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Looking For Donuts!

So Juan Laguna had just picked up his 06 MR after laying down 580 whp on his new BBKB turbo on E-85 and was having a little too much fun when…

HAHaha, Juan is an upstanding citizen with a stock turbo. Here is what really happened: We were chillin at the shop when we hear this “whump” and then screeching tires out in the driveway. We look outside in the parking lot and someone in a little blue Focus is trying to do this reverse Rockford turn to wedge themselves backwards into the parking space closest to the building! Right as we are thinking “WTF Focus?” a Whttier PD Dodge comes flying into the parking lot ¬†followed by a CHP unit. They do a full felony extraction of the guy for our entertainment.

More cops show up too. Turns out the guy (in blue below) was drunk and hit and ran a police cadet a couple blocks away. The cadet gave a good description and direction and they all were right on top of things.

So we looked out in the street and Juan’s car is all blocked in picture perfect between 3 cruisers. With permission, Juan had some fun posing with the cars. And those donuts there in the street? Umm.. that was other kids that made those I swear officer!




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