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Formula D – Title Fight

Well www.speedhunters.com says it well… “the biggest man in the smallest car” Jeff Abbott got into the big show Friday by qualifying 27th on Friday night under the lights at the House of Drift in Irwindale. At the drivers meeting to announce the qualifying it was all: “Good news, you qualified 27th, you are in!” and then it was “bad news… you go up against Dai Yoshihara for your first run!”

Jeff drove his heart out. Dai led on the first run and you could just see Jeff pedaling as fast as he could trying to keep up to the V8 powered S-13. On the second run with Jeff leading he pulled off a great run. But with Dai making everything count with his potential championship on the line, there wasnt much the little 1.8 liter Mazda had to hold him off. The run would have been enough to advance to the sweet 16 against many other cars. Oh well, it was Dai’s night in the end.

Jeff ends the season with bigger motor visions dancing in his head. We’ll see what comes over the winter!

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