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Mazda Suitcase Car


Hurry up and wait!

So we have this little relic from Mazda back in the 90’s. We are Suitcase Car specialists it turns out :-)  I worked on this little car when I was working for Rod Millen and it has followed me arround ever since. Mostly it just sits but once a year or so I get to drag it out for a TV show appearance. I’ve been with this little car on the morning news, That’s Incredible, Inside Edition, Guiness World Records, Junkyard Wars and more.

The production company for The History Channel’s Arround the World in 80 Ways contacted me about using the Suitcase Car for their show. The premise for this episode is that the two guys arrive at the San Francisco airport and need instant transportation. One gets the Mazda Suitcase Car, the other gets a Yike Bike to drive off on.

They arranged to use the international terminal and luggage and passenger pickup area. With approval from the airport management, SFPD and TSA the filming went pretty smooth. I got a mini paid vacation to San Francisco and also to be an extra (Puzzled Guy #2 in the passenger loading zone). Something different to do other than answer e-mail and talk on the phone!