EVO and Eclipse Turbo Parts and Performance

RRE’s 4G 2006 Eclipse Corner Weights

We had an opportunity to check some corner weights on the new Eclipse. You have heard that this is a heavy car, it drives like a heavy car… well guess what? It is a heavy car :-P 

This GT is a non-sunroof regular stereo model and had a half tank of gas.

Side to side balance is pretty good but it is 63% of the weight on the front.

Put a 200 lb driver in the driver’s seat :-P

Curious as to what some of the individual parts weigh?  How about 43 1/2 lbs of A/C parts.

The door window assembly, 25 1/2 lbs

Mostly gutted out. Lighter but still a big pig.


Out of curiosity we weighed a stock non power seat.   EEeek! 54 lbs.

Why is the 4G Eclipse so heavy? Safety. The Eclipse shares the base platform with the Galant and the Endeavor. This combined with the newer side impact safety regulations give you the stiffest and safestEclipse ever made. The chassis is thick and double walled just about everywhere. Every support and brace is as thick as a frame rail. On older Eclipses these inner braces and supports were half as many and just thin Sheetmetal.  Add in something like 8 air bags too. Then the boat anchor 3.8 liter steel block and you got your 3600 lb car.

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