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2008 Mitsubishi Evo GSR: Road Race Engineering Cosworth Cam Install

From Edmunds Insideline Blog


The 4B11T engine in our Long-Term 2008 Evo GSR boasts chain-driven cams in lieu of the belt-driven affairs of the earlier generation of Evos (VIII and IX). This opens a whole new can of worms when it comes to cam replacement.

Swapping cams pretty much necessitates a vehicle lift unless you’re some kind of vehicular masochist. The front engine mount, timing covers and oil pan must be removed, and the whole job consumes about 50% more time than the earlier cars due to all the scraping and cleaning of the gasket goo that covers everything.

Road Race Engineering charges $350 for a cam install on the Evo X. You might be able to DIY, but I wouldn’t want to.


by Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor @ 15,851 miles.


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