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RRE 4G Eclipse Cold Air Intakes – AEM – Injen

AEM Cold Air Intake Eclipse GT V6

AEM only makes an option for the Eclipse GT. The AEM kit includes an oversized virtually indestructible AEM Dry Flow filter. Their kit includes all necessary nuts, bolts, brackets, connecting hoses and hose clamps. Installs long and cold or short and hot. AEM makes a different model intake for the 6 Speed and Auto Tranny GT and the color choices vary a bit between them. Please be sure to choose from what transmission you have!

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Injen Intakes for the Eclipse GT and GS

Injen’s strong point in their design is the lower bend down behind the radiator in front of the transmission. They used a silicone bend there to help insulate the intake from the hot air coming off the radiator. This allows for more consistent intake air temperatures. The Injen can be installed long for cold air or be installed short on one of those pesky El Niño years, For the 4G Eclipse GS equipped with the auto transmission, Injen only offers the Short Ram version because of the extra space that the auto trans takes up down there..

Eclipse GT V6 Options – Free Ground Shipping within the lower 48 states


Eclipse GS 4 Cyl Options – Free Ground Shipping within the lower 48 states 

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