EVO and Eclipse Turbo Parts and Performance

Rally Repair






This is what got me into AWD turbo cars… fixing bent rally cars. Bent rally cars led to AWD Eclipses which led to EVOs and the rest is history.

But bent rally cars still follow me around.

This is Jen Imai’s Suzuki Swift GT with Terry “Tear Dawg” Stonecipher as navigator. Jen rallys her Swift in Performance Stock and is leading the championship in points this year.She was racing along (minding her own business) at the Gorman Ridge Rally when a mountainside jumped out in front of her and Tear Dawg and they had a nice little roll over :-PThe crash with the mountainside pushed the control arm back and the tire into the body. They were unable to continue and finish. It is obvious that the crash was caused by navigator error (as in all rally crashes) since the majority of the damage is on the passenger side! ;-)

After squaring things up and a trip to the wrecking yard for some parts, we are changing the roof skin and front doors and body panels.


A little Krylon and some judicious sticker tuning and it will be rally ready for the Prescott Rally in Arizona October 1st.

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