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Jet Black – JemFX – RRE EVO 7 at Buttonwillow GTA Time Attack


Here is some video from the first round of GTA at Buttonwillow #13 CW. The event was pretty much blown out with rain but we ended up with a 3rd place trophy in the AWD Unlimited class.

We are working with Jet Black Racing and JemFX Motorsports to run this old EVO 7 ex rally car at Pikes Peak in 2015. It started out as a Rhys Millen rally car. Rhys retired it to fast movie car status and had it rigged to support a remote mounted roof top camera crane gizmo and provisions for a camera operator to ride in the back seat area. JemFX is a stunt car and epic fireballs shop and Elia there ended up with it through some horse trading with Rhys. Elia ran the EVO 7 at the Silver State Challenge a few times, getting the fastest 4 cylinder car trap speeds.

Now the car has been fully rebuilt from the ground up with a new cage, track oriented Muellerized Ohlins suspension, a new motor and drivetrain and ever developing aero mods. The goal is running Pikes Peak this year in July with Canaan O’Connell driving. We’ll be running the car at various NASA and GTA events from now through June to further develop the car, the team and the driver.

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