EVO and Eclipse Turbo Parts and Performance

RRE x Alliance Mega Meat/Meet

Words and Photos by James Singer

There was a meet at RRE on May 19th.  Did you sleep on it?  Good.  More raffle prizes and food for us!!  There were a bunch of cool people at this meet and a bunch of people that won TWICE on the raffle!!  St8 even took home a Zeitronix!!  Alliance Represent!!  Even the ever elusive Dr. Scot Gray was mingling.  It was a day of free fooooood and $25 dyno pulls.  The only thing that bothered people was some weird dude in a smurf blue RTR lurking, so we made him leave. See the super pro art photos after the break!!

[Bryce kicked Bud Lite Mike out of the meet right after this photo was taken.  NO CRUSTANGS ALLOWED!!]

[someday my EVO will look this brutal…some day]

[The Zeitronix spokesmodel was in the house]

[something about Varis]

[when you start writing blog posts for RRE, you too can sneak photos of your car in to the blog to get it mad famous. RRE customers, send me pics. of your car and I will post them!!]

[I cleaned these BBS wheels for the owner with my own drool]

[probably the most high energy raffle I have ever seen.  Juan Laguna had the crowd PUMPED!!]

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