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OMGWTF?  RRE Works on Miatas?



Mike @ RRE tuned the AEM EMS Series 2 ECU on Jeff Abbott’s FD Miata.  It is not only DSMs and EVOs all day every day.  There are some weird things going on at RRE like JOON MAENG’S S13 and JEFF ABBOTT’S Miata.  Come by the shop and see what is going on!!


Everyone who is anyone reads MOTORMAVENS!  You are in your favorite PJs sipping some coffee and you see a MIATA and ask, IS that an RRE sticker on that MIATA??


Why yes, that is an RRE sticker.  Get out of your PJs and come to an FD event to support these fools!!



Joon Maeng – Lucas Oil Drift Commercial

RRE’s Formula D driver Joon Maeng took a couple days off to shoot a commercial for his sponsor Lucas Oil at Irwindale Speedway last month. This is his back up/demo S13.5 with the SR20 turbo motor. Here is the video.

Joon Maeng – Extreme Drift in Panama – Feb 2011

Our  favorite Formula D driver Joon Maeng got invited to the Extreme Drift demonstration in Panama. Joon, Lod and Art here prepped the 240 here at the shop back in early January for the long trip. Formula D shipped the cars down there by ship in containers. The drifting demo was in the main downtown plaza. Here are a couple videos. Enjoy!


Joon got caught in a Nissan/Mazda sandwich:


Here are some pictures from Joon’s blog http://www.joonmaeng.com/2011/02/





Joon Maeng – Formula D – Portland International Raceway

The S-Empire/RRE Nissan S13.5 ran with Formula D at Portland International Raceway from July 25th-27th.  Joon ran with Chris Forsberg, Tony Angelo, and  JR Gittens. On Saturday Joon gave a ride along to one of the P.I.R. staff and she had a good feedback. It was a successful event!

Joon will be attending the Formula Drift Monterrey Mexico Competition next with the S13.5 on August  22nd-23rd. We are upgrading the turbo and getting prepared to have a powerful and reliable drift car for the Formula Drift Mexico event. The S13.5 will be loading in the F.D. Rig on August 13th.

Joon Maeng – Team Drift

Here are some picture from Performance Nissan Show presented by HKS at the Orange Show Speedway on April 5th. The RRE S13.5 was presented and was performing drift demos that day for Formula Drift.

The other pictures are from this past weekend @ Formula Team Drift Competition. The RRE S13.5 was presented from April 16th through April 20th. Joon had drift practice on Thursday until Saturday. Sunday was competition day. As a 3 car team for this competition, one of the car (Z33) was out because of mechanical failure. We did our best as a 2 car team, ( Robbie Nishida and Joon) but were deducted points for having only 2 cars.

Joon Maeng – Formula D – Passed Tech Inspection

Joon passed the Formula Drift Pre Tech held at Super Autobacs. We displayed the vehicle from 9 A.M. -6 P.M. Here are some pictures.