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Roy’s Bad Day

Roy had a walking crankshaft a few months ago. The short block was replaced at the dealership under warranty. A few months later driving on the freeway (minding his bidness)… ka boom. No warning, thought he ran over a bumper.

The rod nuts on #3 backed all the way off, and the crankshaft  punted the rod out the block. Out of the park home run. View from the front of the motor, looking through at the starter:

The shrapnel made holes in both sides of the block. That is Jacks finger behind the motor at the starter.

The front chunk of engine block ricocheted off the turbo oil drain tube and made a hole in the radiator.

The oil pan, ouch.

The rod. No discoloration from a bad bearing. Note the missing rod bolts. Gone clean.


The coolest part. In the explosion and ensuing aftermath, there must have been quite a fireball under the car. All the paint is burned off the lower back bumper cover. Even up by the license plate light the paint is blistered. Must have been a sight to be following him.

Back to the dealer for some more warranty work.




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