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RRE EVO 6 Varis Widebody at SEMA 2013

Here is a nice video about the details of Dr Alex’s EVO 6 Varis Wide Body SEMA project that we had in the Zeitronix display at SEMA 2013 in Las Vegas. Next up for the car is some track shakedown over the winter months.

Video and editing by Drew @ www.thirstyfilm.com

2000 Mitsubishi Evolution 6 GSR

• Carbon Wide Body, Hood, Trunk Lid and Wing by Varis Japan
• Volk Racing Wheels TE-37 Super Lap 18X11+22
• Hankook Ventus C71 Racing Slicks

• Cobra Sebring and Suzuka Race Seats
• Schroth Race Belts
• OMP Steering Wheel
• Stack Race Dash
• Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband
• Zeitronix ZR-1 AFR — Boost Display
• Zeitronix ECA-2 Ethanol Content Analyzer
• Zeitronix Ethanol Content Gauge
• Zeitronix Flex Fuel Sensor
• Safety Devices 10 Point Roll Cage

Mitsubishi 4G63 600 whp/500 ftlbs Tq @ 25 psi
• Road Race Engineering 2.3 Stroker
• Turbo by Garret GT3582-R
• Tial 44 MM Waste Gate
• Road Race Engineering Front Mount Intercooler and Piping
• Road Race Engineering 4′ Intake
• AEM Infinity ECU – Full Flex Fuel – Tune by Sam @ RRE
• ACT Xtreme Single Disc Clutch

Brakes and Suspension
• Muellerized… Öhlins Road and Track Coil Over Suspension
• Stoptech 6 Piston Front — 4 Piston Rear Trophy Big Brake Kit

Coco – Live Fast Video

We’ve been helping out Chilean BMX racer/freestylist and X Games star Coco Zurita for a couple years now since we found him with some melted brake pads at California Speedway with his EVO X. He and his car have been steadily getting faster and faster over the last couple years since them. Coco’s good friend JC Pieri shot some cool video blending his two passions. His EVO and his bike riding into a movie short. This was shot over two days here at RRE, Downtown LA and at Woodward West where Coco mentors and trains. Enjoy!

Joon Maeng Formula D – Round 6 – San Antonio, Texas

We are just back from the 6th round of the 2013 Formula D championship in Texas. We were supporting Joon Maeng in his Lucas Oil – MAV TV RRE LS-13. Joon’s car just went through a round of serious weight reduction by Nate. He tried centralizing the weight in the rear a little more and well as a second round of weight reduction on the front end.

The light weight and revised suspension that Nate built made the car incredible. Joon said that the car is a serious championship contender as it sits now after dialing it in throughout the year.

This is the first year of  running at Texas World Speedway for the Formula D series. Everyone was a little off, quite a few upsets in qualifying had everyone surprised. \Yet it was cool seeing several smaller privateers get into the top 32. Joon qualified decent at 26th place with a 79 point run, but luck put him up against this year’s points leader Michael Essa. Tough first round for sure and Joon didn’t get to move on to the top 16.

We were also helping out with the Rydquist Racing – Berk Technologies LS-1 powered 350Z. Carl gave qualifying his best shot but didn’t make it into the top 32. It was his first run with the LS-1 engine. For Round 7 in Irwindale Carl is going to add some NAWZ for a little more power to finish up the season. It will be Turbo LS-1 for 2014!


More pics and story (more…)

Matt Dennison – RRE GTA Time Attack EVO IX

Matt is getting ready for the last events of this year here in So Cal. He just went through a full rebuild (2.3 motor, trans) and is putting the final touches on his setup. More info on Matt and his car here: TimeattackUSA

Video and Editing by Drew @ Thirstyfilm

Mitch from MP Tuning Tunes the Rydquist Racing – Berk Technologies FD 350z @ RRE

Mitch Pederson from MP Tuning was here on the RRE Dynapack dyno tuning on our friend’s Rydquist Racing-Berk Technology Formula D 350z with it’s fresh LS swap. Fun stuff!

AEM Series 2 standalone ECU
Champion Spark Plugs
ACT clutch system
Fiveo Injectors

One of the pulls the factory LS water neck fitting popped out making a bit if a geyser :-P Go General Motors! Sealed back up and cleaned up the mess and back to tuning in 15 minutes. Now we know they randomly do that.

From Brian Berk:

The OEM GM steel water neck is “press fit” and worked its way out of the water pump in spectacular fashion. The neck is probably 3-4 thou smaller than the orifice and is only held in by a 50-60 thou wide bead of thread locker. I welded on an aluminum neck after this little mishap.

They went out testing and the car is currently running great. Getting ready for Round 6 of the Formula D championship at Texas Motor Speedway September 13-14.


Video by Drew @ Thirstyfilm

JTP Stops by to use the RRE Dynapack

Justin Pawlak had an Eclipse back in the day and we have always watched his rise through the ranks in Formula D to the top. He now has a full ride with team Falken driving the signature teal/blue Falken Mustang. John Mueller of Muellerized.com is now his spotter and is in charge of his suspension program too.

Justin just got his personal turbo FC RX7 together and stopped by RRE to tune it on the dyno. AMDrift.com’s Dave Karey came by to shoot it and do a little write up on the day. Check it out here.

Dr Alex – EVO 6 Track Shake Down

We took Dr Alex’s EVO 6 to Auto Club Speedway for some shake down runs now that it is tuned with the AEM Infinity ECU and running on E-85. There was a Porsche Club Festival of Speed that he had some friends running at so we chose that weekend. Dr Alex was also able to make some runs with his 997 Turbo. By the end of the day we had the EVO running faster lap times than the 997.

Here is a quick video from Andrew @ ThirstyFilm

To run full 30-40 sessions at higher hp on E-85 we upped the fuel cell from a 12 gallon cell to a Aeromotive 20 gallon aluminum cell with their built in pump and pick up box assy. New -8 fuel lines front to rear, AEM fuel rail and RC Engineering 1600 cc injectors finished out the fuel system for big power and consistent fuel supply.

Next on the schedule is to tear apart the body to install the Varis Widebody kit. Then wider wheels with Hoosier race slicks and Stoptech Trophy brakes. We’ll most likely change out the Ohlins rally suspension for Ohlins track suspension.

Joon Maeng – Formula D Long Beach

On Friday afternoon at the Formula D opening event at Long Beach here in Southern California Joon qualified 21st to make it into the show on Saturday.

On Saturday morning after the morning practice and warm up session we heard some odd ticking noises from the valve cover area. On further inspection we found that the LS7 had a broken valve spring. :-/ Joon was not able to get into the top 16 for the main event.

Kevin @ Nexus Visuals is Joon’s videographer and he put together this video of the weekend:

Click here for more pics from David Karey @ AM Drift and the RRE crew: (more…)

Joon Maeng Formula D Press Day

Joon’s first runs giving rides to the media and tearing up the streets at Long Beach’s Formula D Press Day in the Lucas Oil/RRE LS13.

Joon Maeng @ FD Tech Day

Joon passed the Lucas Oil RRE LS13 through tech inspection this last weekend for the runup to the 2013 Formula D season. Here are some pics from the tech day and an interview with wreckedmagazine.com.


1G GSX – E85 – Sam Dyno Tuning With DSM Link

Sam  here at the shop tuning with DSM Link on Kris’ 1G GSX track car is running a used stock 6 bolt long block from a used 1G 140k mile auto DSM he picked up. FP 3065 (GT35R-ish sized) bolt on style turbo. The fuel pressure was dropping big time once the boost got up past 30 psi. With a Walbro 255 lph pump not keeping up, with the car still on the dyno we put in a Walbro 400 lph fuel pump, reset the base pressure and Sam went at it some more. That fixed the fuel pressure problem. There is a bit of surge on the spool up, nothing we could do about it. It is just there on a longer pull on the dyno.

Coco Zurita and the Death of a GoPro

We were hanging with Coco Zurita @ the Extremespeed AWD Challenge @ Streets of Willow Springs. Coco was doing some filming with videographer Dylan Pfohl. We put a Go Pro Hero camera on the rear bumper looking at the rear suspension. Things were mostly safe and out of the way, just forgot about the front tires firing rocks back at the camera :-P

Watch the tire move about the rim, even half way up the rim. Also note how much the rear differential moves in its soft rubber mounts. How much the hydraulic piping for the AYC clutches jumps around near the rear sway bar.

About half way into the video the rocks start to take their toll. The outer case and lens gets messed up, finally getting blown away completely. Then the camera lens starts taking direct fire.


Joon Maeng – American Real

Joon’s Sponsor MAV TV shot a promo video of Joon here at the shop, they have it up now!

Joon Maeng was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the United States at the age of nine. His passion for speed and cars began early in his childhood. Since then, he has remained loyal to his passion through the sport of drifting. When he’s not racing Joon manages Daily Udon & Sushi restaurant and builds drift cars.

Joon Maeng – Panama Drift Photos and Video

Joon is back and we got some great pics and a little video from his trip down to Panama. Enjoy!

Here is his write up on the event:


Joon Maeng – Prepping for Panama Drift

Lod, Art, Ruben  and Joon just finished up prepping Joon’s S13.5 for the Formula D drift demo and stunt show in Panama City, Panama on Feburary 5th. They added some heat protection around the turbo and swapped Joon’s MotoIQ grip road racing setup back to drift.

Lod put the 240 turbo on the dyno for a clean up tune with the AEM EMS and knocked out a solid 400 whp/375 ft lbs of torque on the RRE Dynapack dyno on 91 octane.


Larry Chen’s SR20 Swap

Andrew Escarcega shot some video of Matt helping out Dave Karey prep Larry’s Z car for paint under the hood.

AEM Meth Fail (safe) Video

Remember _way_ back in September the DSport video crew was here shooting some video while we were testing an AEM meth/water injection flow gauge and how it worked as a fail safe device. Here is the final cut video:


Tuning Tuesdays

I hung out with Mike and Scot the other night to take some video of them tuning.

Here is a rough cut of the footage with some music.

Willow Springs Track Night

Here is a cool video of Scot Grey out in his dope 1G at STREETS of Willow Springs braving the hot hot summer heat with some night action!! Scot can normally be found driving cars on the dyno as RRE’s tuner.

Our good friend and both customer and supplier Ziggy from Zeitronix also took his 1G GSX out for some night runs.

MOD 2011 Video

Better late than never!!


RRE Project RalliArt @ AAA Dragway

We took the RRE Project RalliArt to Fontana to do some further testing for DSport Magazine and their car buyer guide they publish every year. This year they wanted to include  some lightly modified cars to test against stock cars.

Enter the RRE RalliArt. The suspension/chassis is a basic street setup. RRE Lowering springs, Whiteline rear sway bar and Stoptech front brake pads. For power it is a full stock longblock with stock cams. It has an RRE FMIC and pipes, BBX-Lite turbo from CBRD, Tomioka tubular exhaust manifold and widemouth down pipe and HKS cat back exhaust. It runs on E-85 fuel with Deatschwerks 800cc injectors and a Blaqops fuel pump kit.

Steph Papadakis did the 1/4 mile testing along with Michael Ferrara. It was fun hanging with two import drag legends from the 90’s for the day. Once Steph got the RalliArt launch sequence down he and Mike ran several low 12 second passes at over 100 mph. The car just rolled over to 29k miles and still got my clutch!

APD Motorsports TSX on the RRE Dynapack Dyno

We got  to know the guys at APD Motorsports through our work at the Redline Track Events/MotoIQ race series. Our Dynapack AWD dyno is the official dyno for the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship road racing series there. The classes are run on a strict power to weight ratio and RTE needed a consistent dyno that could be taken to the race track.

We had a good baseline dyno for the APD Acura from when they ran the first race in June. While based on the east coast, they had some work done on the car here in California. They installed cams and had the car tuned by our friends at AEM using the AEM Series 2 EMS. Since our dyno is the only local dyno with good “before” data, they stopped by to run the car again and see what the gains were. 39 hp at the wheels is very nice for the modifications they did!

ROAD///RACE ENGINEERING at Redline Time Attack

New video of a picture or two I took at RTA the weekend of July 2-3, 2011 at BIG WILLOW.

Joon Maeng – Lucas Oil Drift Commercial

RRE’s Formula D driver Joon Maeng took a couple days off to shoot a commercial for his sponsor Lucas Oil at Irwindale Speedway last month. This is his back up/demo S13.5 with the SR20 turbo motor. Here is the video.