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Russ Taylor – EVOX – AEM Meth Injection – Failsafe Test

Using the Tephra Mod V-1 ECU mod, we used an added pressure switch to the AEM Meth injection kit to switch maps. Once the AEM controller switches on the meth pump, pressure builds in the line and closes the switch. The switch activates the second map that is stored in the ECU. This second map pulls fuel and adds timing and boost.

For more info on the Tephra ROM hack and payment info, see here:


We ran a dyno pull with the meth injection off (red line). Then a couple pulls with meth on as normal (green adn blue lines) Then the next three pulls are with Sam in the trunk pulling the fuse for the meth pump in the middle of the run.

Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2010

by, James Singer – RRE Conscript

MOD 2010 was my first Mitsubishi Owner’s Day working for RRE. I was a bit overwhelmed working MOD.  I had been there for the 2009 show and kind of stumbled around but this year I woke up at 6am on a Saturday to drive from LA down behind the Orange Curtain to MMNA HQ in Cypress, CA.  When I got to the Mitsubishi HQ Cypress campus, I was blown away that the lot was already full.  My car was relegated to EVO parking in a far corner away from the main booths.

The RRE shop race cars set up and on display.

I rushed over to the RRE booth to find the RRE crew already there setting up even though I was a half hour early. I was put in charge of the 2 extremely hot import models Natalia Marie and Nikita Esco.  I was also given a few bags of RRE lanyards, placards, stickers, license plate frames and flyers to give away to people.

However, Natalia and Nikita and I were not the main attraction at the RRE booth much to my surprise.  The main attraction was the DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (scream that all caps part in your head while reading it again). DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (good).  The popularity of the DYNO SHOOTOUT!! kind of blew my mind.

Think about this for a second, there are 2 really attractive girls dressed in clothes that might be NSFW status and ME handing out free stuff but people were more in to seeing EVOs and DSMs belt out some runs on the dyno.  If we were at Import Hot Showoff, there would be at least 100 creepy creepers lurking all over me and these ladies but instead, I was left lurking all alone.


I don’t know if you guys know this but the dyno is ON at RRE almost every day and night but people were jumping over the models, the free stuff and each other in the hot hot July heat to get a chance to check out cars on the dyno, which is also further from the shade. At some point, I let Natalia and Nikita take over giving out free stuff for a minute to check out the dyno runs and I saw why people were jostling around and screaming over the sounds of open exhausts blowing ear drums.

[Winner at MOD. Brian Ford’s EVO VIII. AEM EMS tuned by Scot Gray @ RRE. I need to get a full mod list for this car. E-85 insanity].

This is a chart from a 700 and change dyno run.  I got my EVO tuned on the Dynapack at RRE.  I thought it was pretty bad ass.  I was ready to lay down some numbers!  I think I peaked out at 321 or so.  I remember making sure to wear the RRE ear goggles that night as they tuned my car.  Even then I felt like it was a bit rowdy through the ear goggles and through my RRE stealth exhaust.  Now imagine +2x that amount of HP through a seemingly open exhaust with a bunch of people standing a couple feet away in hot July So. Cal weather and you can understand the spectacle of a DYNO SHOOTOUT!! (good job yelling it in your head still BTW).

[Notice how less people are standing behind the car.]

Some other honorable mentions from the day were:


Mr. Boster’s white GVR4. 18 years old and kicking 640 whp in a car that looks like a taxi cab!!

Kieth Boster's "The Boz" GVR4 on the RRE AWD Dynapack

Check out his boost chart!!

That was the big attraction.  Hot models, Meh.  Free In-N-Out, whateverrrrr.  Rowdy Roddy Dynopack, Hells Yes!!  DYNO SHOOTOUT!!

Got video? LA DSM knows how to represent!

Video highlights: Christ bothering models, SAM being grumpy and ART too busy eating a burger to cover his other ear.

Check us out next year at MOD 2011!!

Meadesports – Dyno Tuning

Got up and had wonderful waffles this morning, and then called my close friend Jay Jones (aka Jaybird) and arranged to have lunch in the middle of his hectic schedule. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed being in his company again. Both Cath and I had a great 4.5 hour lunch.

Then it was onto Road Race engineering, these guys are pure pro’s and like MEEK in Sydney, there isnt much they dont know about evos. Once the workshop was cleared, we moved in to grab a lift and work on installing the new K&N intake system from i-autosport (iautosport.com.au for all your aftermarket needs, both European and Japanese brands).

When we finished this, Scot Gray the ECU guy showed and we set about getting a reading as a baseline on 98 octane (91 in the US). Once it was confirmed all the perimeters were set, we had a run, and with Meek hot side piping, Meek ECU flash, 272 Cams, turbo outlet, and the intake, it made 229kw at the hubs. Pretty impressive!

Then we drained the fuel and refilled the tank with E85, and RRE started to dial up some pretty impressive and continually growing numbers. Final result was 285kw, (380hp) and we could’ve stayed with 300+ but kept it down to keep it under control, with the older clutch and all best work within a cautious range for now.

Meadesports – RRE Pikes Peak EVO

At the port

We are helping out the Australian team from Meade Sports at Pikes Peak this year. Jeff Denmeade is driving, if his name is familiar to you, he has one of the first EVO Coupes down in Australia and has been rallying all over the world for quite some time. He contacted us for dyno tuning on US spec E-85 and we went from there. Great guys to hang out with (even though they talk funny ;-) )

I love Pikes Peak and everything about it. The first time I went I was helping out Rod Millen’s team when he ran the 3 rotor tube frame RX-7. RRE ran customer cars in 94, 95 and 96. In ’95 we beat Rhys’s new Supra with his old Celica All-Trac. In ’96 we beat Rhys’s Supra with a FWD Eclipse GS-T. In 2004 we won the Rally class with Stephan Verdier’s WRX.

I’ll be posting pics and notes from their blog here from now till the race on Sunday the 27th.

The car is fairly stock. They are running in the AWD Time Attack class. It is a US spec 2003 EVO 8. They have a 10.5 hotside, HKS 272 cams, cam gears and a LICP. For the E-85 tune they added 1000cc injectors.

Mike W


We arrive in LA at 6;15 in the morning on the 14th of June, which is the same time and date we left Sydney. Cool huh! We clear US Border & Immigration and grab the rental car (after what seemed like a very long ride to the rental company we used), then we rounded up the paperwork for the evo and head out to Long Beach to US Customs and Importations, once we found their office we walked in and were met by a young Customs Agent, and proceeded to do the evo clearance. Handing over tons of paperwork: title, rego papers, export docs, etc etc, we take a seat as they start the process of clearing it for us. After a short while we realise what we need is a big shot of red bull and some food, so I go in search and find some fried rice from down the road, bring it back and we shove some carbs down our throats, and suck on some Red Bull caffeine.

After a short while we are waved to the counter, we go there and we hand over the last bit of paperwork, and are met by an older well dressed gentlemen behind the counter who says “so about this car, it’s a rally car?”, “yes sir!” I reply, his immediate response was ” you have a log book?”, our answer, “yes sir, two of them!” and hand them over with our Cams and AASA licenses. He looks at us and says, thank heavens someone does it right, and proceeds to tell us horror stories about people trying to import cars, ie; rally cars, and they have no Logbooks, or even race licenses, etc, he then spends the next 1/2 hour thanking us and congratulating us on being legit racers, and welcomes us as the car is quickly cleared, hand shakes and huge thanks on their behalf for making their job easy and uncomplicated. He then brings out his photo album of the cars he used to rally in the 70’s, and it was a old Mitsubishi. This older gent also turned out to had been a master artiste and painted cars for a living on canvass etc, he showed us some of his work and we are in awe of his talents.

With clearance in hand, we then head off to Collect the evo from the dock yards, and despite a bit of running around (to be expected) we are taken to it sitting out on the docks, but then we are slightly delayed when we realise they have locked the keys in the car out in the middle of the dockyard and we wait for the mechanic to show with the slim jim and a few other items to unlock the car. Once these guys find out we are headed to Pikes Peak they can’t seem to help us enough, wishing us well with huge smiles. We pull the evo pull it out of the docks, and drive it up to Santa Fe Springs to the great guys at Road race Engineering.

Now, we are fortunate to have been in racing and rallying for going on 30 years now, we’ve raced on three continents and we’ve met and gotten to know many a great person, as time goes by you realise we are all connected by the passion of motorsports and hard facts. Whether we are dealing with the great guys at MEEK automotive, or Road Race Engineering. And between these two groups, there is nothing that is not achievable, or doable with evos.

We deliver the evo up to Mike Welch at Road Race Engineering and he is pure pro. He builds some of the fastest race evos in the US, and tunes 2-3 a week to E85. His yard is full of evos with stories. Such is Mike’s work schedule he works on and tunes evos well into the early morning hours most of the week, a car showing up for a tune at 11pm at night is an often occurrence. ‘Dedicated’ comes to mind. As MEEK and RRE work closer to bring the best of development to Australian evos, your going to see some great stuff in Australian Motorsports with evos. The top few images are from RRE’s activities with evos.

After dropping the evo at RRE, we set off for what had to be one of life simplest nicest pleasures, a HOT SHOWER, which after 45 hours in the same clothes, and a 15 hour flight, and running around half of California, was simply the best thing in the world at that point. Then it was off to the second best thing, a nice juicy incredibly well cooked steak and a bottle of Red Wine, which we got at the Outback Steakhouse near our hotel, and oh man it was juicy and nice.

Visit RRE at www.roadraceengineering.com and check out their site.

Tomorrow we share the latest updates with the tune from RRE. – JD

Modified Magazine – 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X – Uncorking More Power

With An AMS Intercooler And A Cobb Tuning Turbo-Back Exhaust, The Evo X Is Finally Able To Unleash Its Real Horsepower Potential.
From the June, 2010 issue of Modified Mag
By Peter Tarach
Photography by Peter Tarach
Project Evolution Last month, with just an intake and a Road Race Engineering tune by Mike Welch, the EVO X picked up a solid 51 whp and 35 ft-lbs of torque over stock. The final peak numbers came in at 312 whp and 318 ft-lbs, but Mike said there’s more horsepower to be made by freeing up the exhaust flow and providing adequate and consistent cooling with a better front-mount intercooler. I had my homework assignment and got right down to it.

After doing some research and comparing brands, my intercooler of choice was the AMS unit because of its cast end tank design, excellent fitment and 80 percent increase in flow area over the stock intercooler. The bar and plate core measures 12.4×20 inches wide and is 3.5 inches thick while flowing 1,250 cfm. Plus, it’s the same intercooler AMS runs on its 750-whp time attack EVO X – meaning you’ll never have to upgrade it again.

To go along with the FMIC, I also picked up the AMS upper and lower hard piping kit. The factory piping consists of many rubber pieces that tend to expand under high boost pressures and can become prone to popping off as the rubber deteriorates over time. The AMS four-ply…

Read more: http://www.modified.com/tech/modp-1006-2008-mitsubishi-evolution-x/viewall.html#ixzz1VBJGU9NW

Modified Magazine – Evo X AEM Intake – RRE Tune

Netting A Massive Gain Of 51 Whp And 35 Ft-Lbs Of Torque, The EVO X Proves Very Mod Friendly.

From the May, 2010 issue of Modified Mag
By Peter Tarach
Photography by Peter Tarach


Project Evolution
The EVO is one of those cars almost everyone buys knowing that they will eventually modify it. With the older-generation EVO VII and IX, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a stock one for sale. Almost every one of them has some type of aftermarket part on it, but the X is a bit of a different story. Being a brand-new car on the market, owners are a bit hesitant to mod them because the chance of losing their warranty is high.

I can agree with that argument for about 10 seconds. Then I step on the pedal and a surge of 50-plus wheel horsepower over stock pushes me back into my seat, and I can’t find any reason why an EVO X owner would putt around stock. It’s just so easy to unlock so much power for so little money while never worrying about reliability…

Read more: http://www.modified.com/tech/modp-1005-evo-x-aem-intake/viewall.html#ixzz1VBGiqfpl

Modified Magazine Project EVO X – Dyno Tuning Video

Modified Magazine put up a youtube video of the dyno session from when we did some dyno tuning on the RRE AWD Dynapack dyno…

EDMUND’S Project EVO Part III – Dyno Tuning

2008 Mitsubishi Evo GSR: Tuning at Road Race Engineering

From Edmunds Insideline Blog


RRE EVO 8/9 Stealth Exhaust Dyno Test

The RRE Stealth Exhaust for the EVO 8/9 occasionally gets picked on by haters for being restrictive. Threads come and go with speculation. The standard RRE Stealth cat back uses straight through perforated core resonators. These do not restrict anything. We use very mild angle mandrel bends and a large straight through Magnaflow stainless steel muffler. There are a few people out there that ask for the more restrictive louvered core resonators that would cost you a few hp depending on how much hp you are making.

In this thread I threw down the gauntlet.



Quote from: sxe_davexxx on June 22, 2009, 06:09:58 PM
The RRE stealth exhaust is overrated… Its super heavy, you’ll loose power significantly, and it is not that quiet.You should try the Cobb exhaust or the
Quote from: Mike W on June 22, 2009, 05:54:22 PM
Would you like to prove what you are saying? I will help you.Back it up or take it back.mike@roadraceengineering.com

I will give you my cell phone number and we can work out the details of “significant” and when and how to dyno your car at no charge to you.

MiKe W

Quote from: sxe_davexxx on June 21, 2009, 12:03:55 PM

Emailed, awaiting your reply =)


Sexy Dave was nice enough to volunteer his car and his buddies and he did the parts swapping on the dyno. He has a nice running stock turbo EVO 9 tuned by Bryan @ GST on E-85. The car us using ECU boost control. His exhaust is an RSR X-Mag. It is very loud and growly no resonators and a straight through small body muffler.

Dave brought his car by on a Saturday afternoon and we did some baseline runs.


Not bad at all, especially for how stock he has things looking under the hood. Boost was smooth with a peak of 27 psi and finishing at 20 psi at redline. The first run was a little peaky with the hp, with the car warmed up hp stabilized at 388-389 hp and ~370 ft pounds of torque.

Then Dave and friends swapped out the loud RSR exhaust for the RRE Stealth.

We went to make some pulls on the RRE system.

Again the first pull was a little choppy. But once warmed up it was making consistently higher hp pulls.




Over 400 hp now and peak torque was up too. Boost was a little choppy but not surprising considering that it was tuned for the other exhaust system. Interesting was that boost dropped off with it making more hp. Shows that the RRE exhaust actually flowed better than the RSR :-P


So here is the RSR (thin lines) vs. RRE Stealth (thick lines)



Boost, again RSR (thin lines) vs. RRE Stealth (thick lines)


And for fun the two wild card first runs of each exhaust, RSR thin lines, RRE Stealth thick lines.



Here is a video of the two dyno runs. IT just further prooves how internet sound clips are totally worthless. The little cameras we all use to make these has self adjusting/limiting microphones. You can hear the idle difference in the RSR. But at WOT they sound essentially the same. In real life the RSR was ear splitting on the dyno. The RRE was just loud.

Any questions?

New Tuner @ RRE

Bryce has been tuning for a while here @ RRE. He is just now up on all the latest XML for Little Tikes, Fisher Price and Step-2 vehicles. Hit him up if you want to set up an appointment. Afternoons are out for naptime of course. Here is a video of him getting the last power out of the Cozy Coupe. The Dynapack lets him check part throttle and get the fuel trims all dialed in nicely.


RRE @ Mitsubishi Owner’s Day – July 2009 – Videos!

Sam tuned Hugo’s (from LA DSM) 1990 GSX to 530 whp for 2nd Place in the dyno contest:


AMS did a couple demo pulls with their big hp drag EVO.


Mitsubishi’s Video:


AMS Drag EVO on the RRE Dynapack @ MOD 2009

At the MOD/RRE Dyno Shootout this year AMS put their drag EVO 8 on the RRE AWD Dynapack chassis dyno for a couple exhibition runs.

They had previously run 1130 whp on a Mustang dyno limited by wheel spin. Martin Musial from AMS did a couple warm up runs at low (37 psi) boost and only hit 900 whp :-/ Then with it all ready to go and a rev limit set at a low 9,500 rpm he did a full pull. Here is a video from it:

The external wastegate blows straight down. In the video you can see everyone running and jumping from the molten asphalt blast debris. The car blew a crater in the parking lot running 1180 whp at 770 ft lbs of torque!


The dyno chart at low boost and high boost:


And for a little perspective… here is the 1180 hp run laid up against a nice running Cosworth 2.2 with a GT35R turbo:

Suddenly 600 whp looks… well kind of sad. For really sad here is 1180 vs a stock EVO:

Congratulations Martin, nice work!

EDMUND’S Project EVO X [Part 1]

From Edmunds Insideline Blog

To find out just how much power Project Evo, our Long-Term 2008 Evo GSR, currently generates, we went to someone who knows these cars.

To find out just how much power Project Evo, our Long-Term 2008 Evo GSR, currently generates, we went to someone who knows these cars.

Road Race Engineering has been working on Evos since before they were sold in the USA. And they’ve been building, racing, tuning, modifying and repairing 4G63s since 1994. You could say they know a thing or two hundred about how to make Mitsubishis go fast.

In Road Race Engineering’s huge 6,000 square foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA, they got to work. Project Evo’s wheels came off and the four Dynapack hub dynos were carefully bolted on.

Then we fired the engine, warmed it up to operating temperature by “driving” at light load and did a few pulls.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important to remember that not all dynos are created equal. Comparing results from different dynos is a fruitless and deceptive exercise. Even if you test the same car on two different dynos on the same day, the results can be all over the map.

In fact, we’ve already done that exercise with a GT-R.

Since you just clicked that link and re-read the test, you know only to compare results from Road Race Engineering’s Dynapack dyno to other runs made on that dyno. A dyno is a tuning tool, not a manhood-measuring device. Focus on the gains rather than the absolute numbers.

Whew, okay. Back to Project Evo’s baselining exercise.

We did four or five pulls and the peak numbers were about 320 lb-ft and 325 horsepower. I say “about” because the run-to-run variation floated a few hp or lb-ft higher or lower than these values. I’ll post a representative dyno chart once my latptop starts cooperating.

Mike Welch, owner of Road Race Engineering, says that bone-stock Evo Xs typically generate about 250 horsepower on this dyno.

Factor in your favorite guesstimate for drivetrain loss based on all of this and we can see that we’re roughly 65 horsepower shy of our power goal for Project Evo.

So, now what? With a decent complement of bolt-ons, the next logical step is cams. We talked with our friends at Cosworth in Torrance and they handed us a set of Cosworth MX1 cams, which Road Race Engineering graciously volunteered to install and re-tune for.

More to come.

Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor @ 15,851 miles.*

*we drove two miles on the dyno.



Lydia’s Crown Vic vs The RRE Dynapack

Lydia’s 85 Ford Crown Victoria was on its way to the crusher. It had led a long and productive life taking grandmas to the market and was continually needing one more $500 repair to this otherwise ok condition $500 car. Gas prices being at $4.00 a galon too didnt help.

After considerable thought, we held a raffle/pool on So Cal EVO to guess the time it would live at full throttle with no oil and no coolant on the dyno. Winning time 7 minutes and 29 seconds!